Welcome to my website. I use it for sharing music as well as random things I find interesting. I spend a lot of my time browsing bandcamp and youtube and finding new bands and albums I like, so I decided to make this website to share them with the world as well as keeping myself from forgetting.

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August 13th 2020
Updated the site a bit, mostly background stuff and fixes, but I did remove the album of the day at the bottom seeing as I haven't updated it once since starting it. Also you should totally add me on discord and send me blurbs about your favourite band or something! My tag is SkyLion#7824
August 2nd 2020
I saw a bunch of people on instagram listing their July listens and I thought I should start writing down what I listened to for this month! So I've added the following page: August Listens - to write down all I've listened to so far and compile it into one big list! Should be fun, if I remember to update it regularly. If not, I will have most likely rated the album on my rym account I made here!
June 20th 2020
Updated the site! I'm posting an album a day on my instagram so I thought to do the same here, right now though I'm only including today's and yesterday's album until I figure out how I should display it. Might be better to just link my ig and leave it at that perhaps?
I'm also putting this "Currently listening" bar below for fun, I doubt I'll update it frequently though for obvious reasons

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